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    Hi people.

    I have a VW with ipod dock, i just connected my iphone 2g 2.0.1 (jailbroken/unlocked) and have a few issues.

    Now playing screen does not show up - i get a white screen with 'accessory connected' message. The music plays through the car but i would like to see the album cover etc.

    Can anyone help? Or does anyone have experience of accessories and the iphone compatibilities? Or with VW car kits???

    2008-09-03 11:39 PM
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    This happens to me when I plug into my car integration. When connected, it says the accessory is not compatible, and when I say no, it shows a white screen that says 'accessory connected' with no ipod controls or now playing option.

    This is probably some kind of ipod compatibility mode.

    I haven't tried it, but the DICE guy over at e46fanatics recommends holding down the home button for 7+ seconds. More info at his post:
    E46Fanatics - View Single Post - dice help with iphone
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    2008-09-12 05:35 AM