1. mtree0's Avatar
    Hey guys just found a way to FULLY get around the iPhone's passcode lock.
    I dont know if anyone has figured this out yet. It works off the iphone double-tap favorites exploit. You MUST have a jailbroken phone with bossPrefs installed.

    1.go into bossPrefs and enable 'BossPrefs Double Tap Home' under "more"

    Now whenever you need to get around your code (Maybe a friend locked you out, or who knows what else could happen!) click on emergency call, then double tap your home button. BossPrefs should open. From the main window click on power (should be in the dock at the bottom) and click fast respring.

    There you go! your iPhone will respring into the SpringBoard!

    Maybe someone will find this usefull, I know i did!
    I went camping and a friend completely locked me out of my phone, lucky me I figured this trick out like the day before =]b
    2008-09-04 04:39 AM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    Interesting....if you have that combo of specs.
    2008-09-04 04:43 AM
  3. zsuns's Avatar
    Or you could just stick with the current bug in firmware 2.0.2 where you can double-tap and get to your favorites, text message and access the internet, if you have it set up that way.
    A Thanks is always nice =]
    2008-09-04 05:18 AM