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    Has anyone had problems with iphone tunnel on their computers? Almost everytime I try to run the program I get a short term connection that eventually quits. Most of the time I run it and then it will just go back to the command prompt.

    This is what I have done.


    cd iphone (this is the folder I put the program in)

    then iphone_tunnel.exe 1080 1080

    It runs for anywhere between 30 seconds and a couple of minutes but then eventually quits. Goes back to


    What is the deal?

    Wondering if it may have something to do with trying to run 3 proxy and SSH. I was going to unistall 3 proxy but can't find it anywhere on my phone?

    Any input is appreciated. Thanks
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    2008-09-04 08:10 AM
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    BUMP for suggestions???

    2008-09-07 08:19 PM
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    to unimstall 3proxy active cydia them search for 3proxy. Select modify button at top right then select remove
    2008-09-08 04:09 AM
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    Thanks I was able to uninstall 3proxy. I still have SSH on there. Can anyone tell me if I should still be running terminal with the socks command when I am trying to connect?
    2008-09-08 05:20 AM
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    you should remove terminal just to be safe.
    2008-09-08 09:33 AM
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    I removed 3proxy and terminal. Do I need to configure SSH on the phone? When I run WinSCP I am able to view the files on the phone. I try to open a firefox browser and still no internet? I have tried to change setting to automatically get the proxy and I have also tried to set the proxy to port 22 and that doesn't work either. No idea what else to try.
    2008-09-08 04:30 PM
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    anyone know what the proxy settings for browser should be.
    2008-09-08 07:06 PM
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    I have a jailbroken 3GS 32GB (broke w/redsnow) and cannot seem too ssh my phone.

    Q#1 Itunnel dosen't have settings for 3GS yet or is there an update that I should get?

    Q#2 What is the IP for tunnel? ( right??)

    Q#3 Is there another program I can use that is user friendly like itunnel?

    Q#4 Can I still retieve my iBEC & iBSS files after a jailbreak, and if so will the process un-jailbreak my phone?

    ANY help is much appreciated. Please feel free to answer in this fourm or e-mail me [email protected]

    Thanks in advance!!!
    2009-07-10 04:38 AM