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    I recently installed the newest update for categories and also iblacklist and since then I've been having a problem with my apps. I'm unsure if either of those applications caused a problem but I'm pretty sure it was just a coincidence.

    None of my app store apps are opening anymore. They all instantly crash (even one that I just installed and have never had installed before). Also, no data appears in my ipod anymore, it just says "No content."

    I tried a permissions repair through boss prefs but it didn't do anything. I have also restarted multiple times. All of my applications installed through cydia still work fine as well as the stock Apple applications. Anyone ever have this problem or know what might be going on?

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that the music is still showing up through itunes (in the blue bar at the bottom), the ipod app just cant seem to see it.

    I just SSH'd into my phone and all of the mobile permissions look correct. I also just noticed, however, that when I connect to wifi the wifi icon doesnt appear in the upper left corner. It continues to say "3G."

    I did a full restore and setup my phone as new. Thanks to AppBackup it wasn't that big of a problem. All seems well now, must have been a DRM problem.
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