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    This will not work if you iPhone is not Jailbroken. You must have SSH on and already installed.

    Before you begin, make sure your iPhone is connected with your USB to your computer.

    What you will need:
    -- Proxy - ccproxy -
    -- Archive with all necessary internal iPhoneUSB -
    -- Net Framework 3.5 -
    -- iTunes

    1. Extract iPhoneUSB to desktop or easy access folder.

    2. Install ccproxy on your computer, then run it.

    3. Double click, or execute, file 1_start_ssh_tunnel.cmd - it opens a tunnel between your phone and your computer (do not close the window, you can reduce, postpone or scale down). Remember the phone must be connected to a computer via usb.

    4. Next execute winscp.cmd

    5. Do whatever you need.

    Again, I created this walkthrough using the "How to connect the internet though usb" by
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    Thank you
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