1. damel45's Avatar
    Alright i really need some help dont know if im in the right place but ok i tried to upgrade my iphone to the 2.0 firmware (not knowing u cant jailbreak it or downgrade) but i tried downgrading it and basically got me stuck to the recovery mode, basically telling me to connect it to itunes but when i do connect it to itunes and try to restore it gives me an error which is 20 and ive tried everything from trying to restore it with the old itunes... I even tried using ziphone but it doesnt pick up the iphone even when itunes does, so im really stuck i have to be using a dumb *** sidekick for now so please help!!!!!!
    2008-09-05 04:06 AM
  2. SundayDuffer's Avatar
    2008-09-05 04:16 AM