1. pilotbike's Avatar
    OK this is my first iphone. I have been using ppc and blackberrys for most of my cell phone use.
    I am using tmobile so first need to get it unlocked & jailbroken. I do know that much.
    But Im trying to fig out how to us a picture on the main screen of the phone when your using it. Not on the lock screen so please help me out. And do any one know if their is any program out their to have some one send me a mms insted of have them send me thru it an email. And allso is their any program out their to use the iphone as a modem for windows phone...
    PLease HELP ME...
    2008-09-05 08:09 AM
  2. calebdexter's Avatar
    hi pilotbike,

    If you unlock/jailbreak your iPhone using ZiPhone 3.0 then...

    for the picture in your screen and not in your lockscreen, you will need the App called Summerboard which is found at your Installer App, you can change the settings in Summerboard, simply switch the "Theme Wallpaper" to OFF, then whatever your wallpaper in your lockscreen is, becomes your wallpaper in your screen itself

    for the MMS program, you will need the App called SwirlyMMS which is also found at your Installer App, you iwll need to restart your phone, afterwhich SwirlyMMS will automatically detect your settings and you can send and receive MMS

    for the modem, iPhone is a Wi-Fi enabled device so its better than a modem.

    hope it helps
    2008-09-05 03:26 PM