1. alex9719's Avatar
    For some, unknown reasons, I'm able to read my sms's directly when they arrive. My iPhone switches on and tadaaa... there they are.

    Since some of my sms's are to private for me to read in public
    I already switched on the passlock and switched off the sms preview.

    But I want to go one step further...

    I would like the only message to be displayed that says "you have an unread sms" or something... no number, or name......

    Can somebody please assist me in finding the correct file to modify?

    2008-02-25 11:36 PM
  2. alex9719's Avatar

    Is there a special application where you can edit certain strings?
    My feeling is that there is a special string who makes the connection with the name and number in the sms notification.
    Even when the name will be replaced by the number, it's already fine with me...
    2008-03-02 12:41 PM
  3. iBlade's Avatar
    I feel with you. I want this too. The only app that let's you do that is called Caterpillar from ripDev but is not free. $20 for a six months license, $35 for 12 months and $45 for unlimited. I know that is alot if you don't care for the other features that app provides. I am really surprized that nobody figured it out to just disable the popup alltogether. People write apps and include popups so they know how to enable them but nobody tries to disable them.
    Don't be shy if I helped you use the Thanks button, I do it.
    2008-03-02 01:32 PM
  4. yNeville's Avatar
    Why do you wanna do this? So your girlfriend doesn't see SMS' from your "slut" on the side? ha
    2008-03-02 01:46 PM
  5. alex9719's Avatar
    Hehehehe... "maybe" ...

    But honestly, does it matter why?
    Maybe I'm developing a evil plan to take over the company and I don't want the others to be informed before it's too late
    2008-03-02 04:30 PM