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    I bought an Iphone 2G from online, the seller miss advertised it, in other word I was cheated, it was advertised with a "touch screen occasionally freezing".

    Make the story short I ended up with a dead screen phone.

    the phone was in immaculate shape, I called 800myiphone, spoke with couple of people to find out that the warranty expired 55 days ago.

    I asked for a supervisor who ended up advising me to take it to an [email protected] store and have it activated, ignorant as he is, he told me the screen is unresponsive because the phone don't have an [email protected] simm, yeh right.

    Did I mention I used Pwnage and everything worked like a charm, except the screen still didn't work, and off course I did restore the phone using Itune couple of times with no avail.

    Did I also mention I'm a T-mobile customer.

    Make the story long, the next day I called apple again and lied saying I went to an [email protected] store to activate the phone and that the store manager concluded that the screen is dead and that my only option was to get back with Apple.

    Apple told me I had 2 options, either send it for repair and pay $199 or they could schedule ma an appointment at an Apple store, they call it Genius bar.

    off course I decided to sit with one of the geniuses, who could turn down such opportunity?

    The genius asked me a series of questions, such as if I tried activating the phone with ATT, he also checked to see if the phone was dropped, any dents, then he told me the warranty expired 56 days ago, but because he felt bad for me....... he went and got me a new one for free.

    Conclusion, it doesn't hurt to try, just make sure you walk into apple store with a credible story.

    No wonder I only use Apple computers
    2008-09-08 12:54 AM
  2. Jordo_6's Avatar
    lol i wonder if that works for everyone
    2008-09-08 02:04 PM