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    Here's the deal.

    I have a PC at home with iTunes installed. I sync my iPhone to that iTunes and I now have music on my iPhone.

    I am now on the other side of the world. I have a laptop wit iTunes installed and my iPhone is her with me. I bought some local CDs and I had iTunes rip them but now I can't transfer them to the iPhone because it will only sync with one iTuns library at a time.

    How can I add my newly purchased music to my iPhone?
    2008-09-08 01:55 PM
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    If you have Cydia or Installer on your iPhone, download Swaptunes and that can do it:

    SwapTunes is a small binary that, when run, simply creates and switches to a new iTunes library on the iPhone itself. This new library can be synchronized with a different system. You can then run SwapTunes again to switch back and forth between the two libraries. The process works like this:

    1. Sync your iPhone with the first system, acquiring the appropriate media
    2. Disconnect your iPhone
    3. Run the SwapTunes application (from your iPhone)
    4. Go check the iPod application on the iPhone, and notice that it displays “No Content”
    5. Connect your iPhone to the second system and sync it, acquiring the second set of media.
    6. Run the SwapTunes application again when you want to switch back to the media acquired from the first system.

    Info taken from:
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    I installed swap tunes and hit swap but I did not sync the phone with the second I tunes yet. How do I get my old library back? If I hit swap again it still doesn't show up.

    I assume swaptunes probably just rename the itune library ok the iPhone, right?

    ok. So now I have managed to sync the phone with the second itunes but only see the second library on theiphone. If I hit swap it will go between no music and the second library.
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