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    ok so the reason i had to restore a ton of times was because my iphone wouldn't reboot once i had too many apps or something else happened.

    so i installed 250 something apps just recently and it once again got stuck at the boot logo, so i decided to finally look for a fix. i found 2 guides that tell you to disable mobilewatchdog by renaming it then set it back to its original name once the phone boots.

    from what i understand is that its only there to reboot your phone if the springboard doesn't respond.

    so i disabled it and decided to never turn it on again....its been 3 days now, not one crash yet....so what the hell?

    so....does it have any other purpose besides crashing your phone every time it doesn't respond for a couple seconds?

    well i just learned that leaving mobile watch dog off will make the device periodically reboot every 10 minutes, but for some reason i just noticed this now, didnt notice all day. so if anyone knows how to disable it, and disable whatever makes it reboot lemme know.
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