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    PLZ correct me if I'm wrong!

    I've got iPhone 3G 2.0.2 - jailbroken.

    To my thinking, any app designed for Mac OS X should work on iPone???

    I need to know how, if possible at all, to install X-Lite for Mac OS-X ?

    I downloaded X-Lite for Mac from CounterPath Corporation | X-Lite Download

    The problem is, I am operating a Windows XP Home system, and don't know how to get the app to my iPone and get it running.

    Help. PLZ!
    2008-09-09 01:29 PM
  2. heath_rox's Avatar
    wow! you are w-a-y off! ones a computer and ones a phone it has no were near as much power as a mac! there is no way that this is possible or will be ever possible.
    "Its better to be a pirate than join the navy"Steve Jobs
    2008-09-09 01:39 PM
  3. Dadas's Avatar
    Well, there were apps for VOIP working on earlier versions, and as I know, Fring is working on one for v 2.0.x, so that's where my question is from.

    As I see it, iPhone is more of a computer than a phone anyway. There must be a way!

    I got an account with a VOIP provider and on my Windows XP can use smth like FireFly just configured and make free and cheap VOIP calls. Must be a way for iPhone over WiFi to do the same.
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    2008-09-09 01:43 PM
  4. heath_rox's Avatar
    its possible but your gonna have to w8 till some one makes that app
    and that wont be coming to appstore cause atnt dont want any viop apps (them losing money)
    "Its better to be a pirate than join the navy"Steve Jobs
    2008-09-09 01:50 PM
  5. Dadas's Avatar
    Yeah, right... but they don't want you to jb the phone either.....
    That's why it won't be possible to VOIP over 3G, but will always be possible to VOIP over WiFi where ever a hotspot is available or you can access the net by WiFi. That they can't control.


    The thing is, my VOIP provider gives me a fixed phone number, and I can make calls to all over the world, to any phone at practically the same rates as SKYPE and they send me a bill every month, so it's convenient - so I want this to work on my iPhone as well.

    Oh, and btw, my MobileiPhone operates in a country where atnt ain't providing any phone services, my mobile provider is Orange - so I pay them for my mobile calls. Whatever they have to do with atnt, I don't care.
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    2008-09-09 02:00 PM