1. tommyboy901's Avatar

    I have the 2g iphone and I was using a custom 2.0 firmware that I created with winpwn 2.0. One day I tried to open up one of the apps I downloaded from itunes and initially it will open but within 2 or 3 seconds it closes. I tried to open every first party app that I had and non of them work, all of the apps from cydia still work.

    So I tried upgrading to custom FW 2.02, still did the same thing. I downgraded back to 2.0, same thing. Ok, now I am back at custom 2.02 and I still cant open any apps. Any suggestions?

    Oh and I have already tried using bossprefs
    2008-09-09 09:50 PM
  2. SundayDuffer's Avatar
    hmmmm...try deauthorizing itunes...sync to clear...then authorize itunes again..and sync back the apps...see if that will work.
    2008-09-09 10:35 PM