1. bballcat03's Avatar
    I tried searching but couldn't find what I was looking for.

    Is there a way to save my contacts to my SIM card, so when I restore I don't lose all my contacts?
    2008-09-09 10:29 PM
  2. SundayDuffer's Avatar
    When you do a sync with iTunes...it should back up your contacts...on 1.1.4 fw there was an app where as you can do this...but not yet for 2.0 fw..hopefully it will get ported to 2.0fw soon. I cant remember the name of that app though. I backed my up with Entourage.
    2008-09-09 10:33 PM
  3. bballcat03's Avatar
    what's entourage and where do I find it? I searched the app store but nothing came up.
    2008-09-10 07:23 AM