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    A two weeks a go I took my kids to Long Beach Island for the last time before school starts. I was taking the picture of my son surfing for the first time. Since I can't zoom with Iphone. I walked to the water to take a closer pictures (stupid of me). It was OK for a while, but then I stepped in a little hole underwater and I lost my balance. My iphone dropped in the water. I was frantically looking it. I found after about almost two minutes of submerged in water. Now the phone is completely dead nothing I can do to revive it. It's a total lost I guess :-(. It was 8 GB Iphone (that makes feel better since it's not 16 GB :-).
    Now I want to buy another iphone then cancel the contract and pay for ETF. Will this new canceled phone work with my current AT&T sim card?

    Thanks in advance.

    2008-09-10 10:55 PM