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    I am in crisis! please help!
    I am running a 1.0.2 upgraded to 1.1.1. I downloaded HighTymes source on installer 3.0 and when i restarted my phone it just shows a black home screen with a little circle inside and it wont start up, after about 5 min it turn of and does it all over again.
    I have very important contacts on the phone and I am afraid if i restore it i will lose everything! how can i get them out before i lose them!? The phone still connects to ibrickr with no problems, maybe its possible to use that? I tried syncing with outlook, but itunes says that my outlook is not my default mailer.. but i checked, and it is default. so it wont let me use that. please help!!!
    thank you
    2008-02-26 02:10 PM
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    If it is being seen by your PC you can use iPhone PC Suite and backup everything from the phone. I use it to backup to backup if I ad something important.
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    2008-02-26 04:03 PM
  3. madrich's Avatar
    Try TouchCopy
    2008-02-26 04:26 PM
  4. NetMage's Avatar
    Use iPhoneBrowser, copy
    ~/Library/AddressBook to your PC (2 sqlitedb files), then you can put the files back after you restore.

    Oh, on 1.1.1, ~ is /var/root, so you need to copy
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    2008-02-26 04:33 PM
  5. sarunas4's Avatar
    i tried iphone PC Suite, it connects and i can download all my songs/sms/call history, but when i click on contacts it says Sort and Exchange Surname-Name.. when i click on it it asks me if i want to update it and then nothing happens...?
    2008-02-26 05:42 PM
  6. iBlade's Avatar
    Wrong button, you have to click Backup/Restore and then you can choose what to back up or restore.
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    2008-02-26 05:50 PM
  7. sarunas4's Avatar
    can someone direct me to a tutorial on how to fix my phone? restore it i assume? thanks guys!
    2008-02-26 06:03 PM
  8. octechx's Avatar
    Hey man best advice i can give is youtube. I fried my iphone like 8 times in 8 different ways. Each time i watched videos from 6yr olds helping me fix my phone. Whatever YOU DO DON'T BRING IT TO APPLE.
    2008-02-26 08:57 PM
  9. ajl917's Avatar
    Another, more simple way to extract contacts would be to sync it with Outlook. Just put a test contact in there, sync, and the iPhone will copy its contacts to Outlook, vice versa, so then if you need to restore, just tell iTunes to sync your Outlook contacts and you should be good to go...
    2008-02-27 12:36 AM