1. y0ungal's Avatar
    i kno my school has wifi because i used my aplogger and it showed the wifi as hidden. is there a way to get around this and use the schools wifi to get on the internet on my iphone???
    2008-09-12 03:38 PM
  2. danvicente's Avatar
    unless you know the password no. There are programs out there such as kismac and airsnort for your computer that can sniff through the network and send and receive packets, The process can take up to an hour depending on your wireless driver(s) and the security of the network you are trying to crack into. My point being its not too practical (I am assuming you are in high school or you would have access to the university's network with a student ID) and someone would probably see you doing this.
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    2008-09-12 05:16 PM