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    I'm new to SSH, but I've encountered a problem and can't find help anywhere online. I'm running WinSCP on firmware 2.0, unlocked & jailbroken with Winpwn. I want to be able to get it and add themes and ringtones via SSH. I get in okay with my ip and the root/alpine info. But when I try to change the directory to get to the /var/mobile/library/winterboard/themes thing, I keep getting the following error: "Network error: Software caused connection to abort. Error changing directory to 'mobile'." No idea what to do from here. Help please! Thanks in advance!

    I've also been having some problems actually getting IN with winscp. Is the file protocal supposed to be sftp? I seem to have more problems getting in when it's on that; I tried changing to scp, and can get in easier, but still can't add themes. The error that I always get when trying to log in is "Authentication failed."

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