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    i think apple is just messing with us, for one the new improved reception is crapit in my room i only get 2-3bars of 3G after the update to 2.1 it went to 5bars i was surprised i said wow apple really fix this. i spoke to soon for some reason with 5bars on 3G i got kicked off to edge doesn't make sense , if i had a perfect 3G signal why would i go to edge so after about 1 min it picked up 3G again but it wasn't 5bars it was back down to 2 bars like i used to get before the update. what does this mean apple must have flashed the signal bars to show better reception but once it loses the reception the code goes away and when i got 3G again the flash wasn't there so thus i'm back to 2bars ( it was just a trick). 3hrs after the update i had 2drop calls and apps crashing WTF??? wasn't 2.1 suppose to fix dropped calls and apps crashing, im not a lawyer but i seriously see a lot more lawsuits headed for apple and at&t .

    please let me know if you have noticed similiar problems?

    and try it for yourself if you know a spot where you usually lose 3G go to it and see if after you lose 3G and get it back if you still have that improved reception that apple is claiming.
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    2008-09-13 04:43 PM
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    i and everyone i know have turned off our 3g!! it is very very unstable. you sometimes may have bars saying you have 3g but you will miss alot of calls, i was talking to my neighbor and he called me and was sent to my mailbox, and i was holding my phone! then i tried to call, and nothing! and i had tried this for a few days!! so we cant afford to miss calls, so we turned off 3g,,and do not have any problems at all!! so why the hell do we have a 3g????!!!! apple i think is fine, on the other hand at&t sucks ever since they took over from cingular,, i am currently about to leave at&t but the iphone is unmatchable so far!! just get rid of at&t ,,
    2008-09-13 05:31 PM
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    your EDIT 2.1 is awesome! thanks steve!
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    2008-09-13 05:33 PM
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    Lets play nice boys. If the thread turns into a fight, we will get rid of it.
    2008-09-13 05:35 PM
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    AT&T works great for me. I have been with them since before Cingular took over and haven't seen a difference since they bought the division back.

    My 3G signal has always been exceptional. I have no idea how to get the numerical value for the signal strength, but it has never given me issues.

    I don't have apps crashing on me either, but it is understandable that people would get frustrated that a "fix" really isn't a "fix".
    2008-09-13 05:48 PM
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    Fix: Restore your phone from scratch

    Fixed my 2.1 issues
    2008-09-14 10:12 PM
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    2.1 is working brilliant for me... but do what the guy said above me. I always restore everything from scratch when there is a new update and nothing has gone wrong for me since 1.1.1
    2008-09-14 10:30 PM
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    I could only wish to know what 3G feels like.... at least you are lucky to get a feel of it...... I hate seeing people complaining about the 3G because I can't even get it in my area.....

    Hopefully when it does come in my area it will be all kinked out! LOL

    I don't care what cell phone you get on the market you will not always get full bars... there is not one of them that does this.... I always felt Verizon was the best for data... I was upset also that the iphone was not in agreement with them and I still hope that the iphone can be on Verizon's network..... but even when I had Verizon I still never got full bars....

    Even their data network was slow at times as well.... and once and a while we would get dropped calls to....
    2008-09-15 02:26 AM
  9. neilskool's Avatar
    i still love Fw 2.0
    2008-09-15 04:49 AM
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    I'm in japan and my 3G wasfine before 2.1... Now I feel like there is ALWAYS 5 bars but the loading time says otherwise.... My keyboard lagging is better and backup/restore is really snappy now, but I'm still looking for new options in settings...
    2008-09-15 05:19 AM