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    iPhoneBrowser doesn't work anymore after I installed itunes 8. I checked their website to see if they had any updates but the new 1.80 still makes the same error when i connect the iphone.

    I've tried having the iphone connected and then open iphonebrowser but still error

    I've also tried having iphonbrowser open and then connecting the phone, but it shows the erro as soon as i connect the phone

    im running vista, and dont think it s a .NET framework problem cuz it never did this before it was all fine just before i installed itunes.

    anyone having this problem?

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    2008-09-14 09:53 PM
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    Did you completely remove your old install of iPhoneBrowser before installing 1.8? I started from a completely fresh 1.8 install and have not had any problems. Give it a shot and see if it works for you.
    2008-09-14 10:13 PM
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    thanks for the fast reply but yeah I removed the old one before using the new one, and still it doesnt work :-(

    NVM-I CLICKED THE SET UP AGAIN AND DID A "repair installation of iphoneborwser" and its working fine now, thanx
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    2008-09-14 10:34 PM
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    What version of iTunes 8 do you have installed? That is, did you download and install it right after it came out or more recently after they fixed the Vista BSOD issue? The "fix" changed the driver used by the phone so that could be the problem. If you've got the older iTunes 8 try removing it and installing one freshly downloaded from Apple's website.

    EDIT: Heh, nevermind. Glad to hear it's working now though.
    2008-09-14 10:39 PM
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