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    I'm on a jailbroken iPhone 3G 2.0.1 and it doesn't boot. I uninstalled 2 App Store apps and decided to reboot because everything was moving slowly, and it doesn't get past the boot logo. The first time I waited 10-15 minutes and hard rebooted again. The second time same thing. So on the third reboot, it finally was recognized by iTunes and I was able to SSH into it. I read over at sleepers.net that I should delete this file: /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/com.apple.springboard.plist. I did that rebooted again and it still doesn't get past the boot screen. I read on an irc channel that I should execute this: ps aux | grep -i springboard. I did that and that didn't help either.

    So now I can SSH into the phone, but for some reason iTunes just freezes up every time I connect it and it vibrates twice every minute or so. What could I do?
    2008-09-15 12:25 AM