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    Hey my name is Ken Patel and im located in USA. I the owner of the company that sells many products. We only sell bulk order. I see where people are saying how is ebay selling unlocked phones ect. Here is the reasons

    1. Apple has fakes AAA high quantity that you cant tell the difference with everything working itunes, app store, gps, ect.

    2. There are people who sell OEM stands for orginial equipment manufatory. Those are the iphones that are begining stold in ebay well most of them. Those are registered in apple and everything just different manuf. is making them. You get warrenty and everything just thats it not apple made.

    3. the OEM cost around 400/unit and ebay sellers are making a huge profit.

    4. whats better OEM or Apple made. They are both the same just apple made is locked but if you i can get apple made unlocked from factory.

    5. i hope thats clears a lot of things. Also i dont think there will be software soon so get iphones unlocked from people out there it is hard on 3g. Thank you
    2008-09-15 08:48 PM
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    what are u on about dude
    2008-09-19 05:25 PM
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    The unlocked phones are sold overseas in countries where the laws do not permit apple to sell the phone locked. They are selling, however, for the equivalent of around 700 USD. The only thing you said correctly is that the eBay dealers are making a huge profit. Being that the phones are selling for about 1000 bucks, they are making roughly 300 bucks a phone.
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    2008-09-19 05:38 PM