1. GatorChomp's Avatar
    A few hours ago I updated to 2.1 on my jailbroken iPhone. It then went into what I think is the spinning wheel of doom (the spinning wheel atop of the apple logo). I then tried to restore and it still had the same problem. I am attempting a second restore as we speak. If this doesn't work does anyone have a clue?
    2008-09-17 04:23 AM
  2. Cali_fresh's Avatar
    Hold sleep and home until it turns off. Let go of sleep when it turns off but keep holding home. Then plug it into the dock while still holding down home and it will ask to restore the phone. That should solve your problem.
    2008-09-17 04:40 AM
  3. GatorChomp's Avatar
    On the second restore I noticed it worked, but then when i restored to my backup it went back to the screen. So it must be that backup.
    2008-09-17 04:43 AM