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    Hi all, up until the 2.1 update my iPhone has been playing quite nicely with Nuevasync. However after the update it hasnt, its been locking up the whole thing and the only thing im able to do is turn it off. So i thought to myself, why dont i resync? So i tried to turn off the calendar syncing and went through the process and it hung on the "removing calendars" bit. So after much swearing, trial and error i thought that i would just simply remove the whole account instead, and yes you guessed it, it has been hung on the "Turning off Calendars" prompt for the last 2 hours... Is there anything else i can do to make this thing work?

    FWIW, i can view todays calendar but not any other day regardless of how many appointments there are in them and then the only thing i can do is turn it off. I cant add or remove, i can only view but when i do it locks on that screen.

    I do have a lot of appointments.. probably 60 or 70 a week but it has been fault free up until the update(sounds like Apple isnt much better than Microsoft with their updates!)
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