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    Am having a problem! Am using an alpha x sim card to use my jailbreaked iPhone 3G (subscribed with AT&T in the states where i live) to use with my sim card here in Belgium where I study (BASE subscriber). Everything seems to be working fine except that everytime I make a call, a pop up window appears saying "Forwarding Call Active". I don't mind so much the pop up window, the most annoying thing is that when my friends really do call me, their calls are automatically redirected to my voicemail box. I would end up receiving an sms from my mobile provider telling me that someone called me but his/her call didn't get through (even though all signal bars are full). Also, I have already disabled the call forwarding option from my base account, so it couldn't be because of the mobile provider. Thanks for the help!!!
    2008-09-22 02:57 PM