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    Pretty much I have no backup history. I was trying to force it to make a newer backup since the last one iTunes says it has is from launch. I tried deleting my previous history to see if it would force a backup but it didnt. I tried syncing a bunch of times and still no new backup. How can i force this? I need to have a backup just in case, so this is very frustrating!

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    2008-02-27 06:52 PM
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    Having the same problem here

    Got mine to do a backup. At first I changed the date to a year ahead, but then I saw there was an update for iTunes. I installed the update, changed the year back and now it is doing a backup. You might want to try changing your date and see if that helps
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    When you plug in your iPhone you know how its names appears in the left column or itunes? Right click on it and choose backup.
    2008-08-08 03:54 AM
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    Right-clicking doesn't display a "backup" choice... Only a "restore from backup" choice shows... (????)
    2009-08-11 07:30 PM