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    I know that this questions was asked already, but I couldn't find the thread that talks about this. If there is a thread out there, please post it to one.

    I have a 2g iphone and was wondering other than the 3G network what are the reasons to migrate to a 3g phone.

    I know the 3g has GPS, but the locate me feature on the 2g one is pretty good.

    One question I have to ask is if the processor is the same or does it actually process data and run applications faster.

    thanks for any responses.
    2008-09-22 06:49 PM
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    processor is the same FWIK...
    Pros of 3G:
    -Because of GPS, some apps from appStore with have added functionality for use with GPS
    -3G(of course)
    -External Speaker is Louder(Big plus in my book)
    -Headphone jack is not recessed like 2G, so now you dont need to use iPod approved headsets or headset adapter jacks
    -Supposedly better quality multitouch screen
    -Choice of White or Black iPhone
    -Sleek new design

    Thats really it I think

    -Shorter battery life(with my experience)
    -No Software unlock as of yet
    NOTE: there are hardware unlocks via sim adapters, but they are not 100% reliable... I use one to get my 3G on Tmobile USA and have had a decent experience, but little issues here and there keep me from totally falling in love with it.
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    2008-09-22 07:11 PM
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    I would also have to use a sim adapter to unlock the phone since I am also with T-Mobile. So are you getting 3g connections with your 3g iphone using the sim adapter?

    It seems like the big plus of the new 3g phone is the GPS. I really don't use the external speaker too much, so that is not as a big deal. I was hoping that it would run the application faster due to a better processor, but it sounds like everything is pretty much the same.

    2008-09-22 08:11 PM
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    to me - simply 3g speeds. watch video/ stream radio or my homelibrary (via simplify media) + download songs etc etc. at very, very fast speeds.

    gps is handy, but no real use until turn by turn nav comes
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