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    Hello so im one of the iphone 3g users...

    Well iphone 3g is a good device in general but im have troubles with it!

    First is there any app in cydia or installer that can give me the option to remove imported photos?? some of them just to delete!
    like the little trash icon as on camera roll!

    also i would like to know where does itunes store the download for update of iphone? cause i want to redownload it... i think this one that i have its a bit messed up!

    Quick complaining

    As far as i want to be "Legit" and use the iphone normaly without modification and breaking apples rules that makes it impossible to me!

    First of all i think apple programmers go into the mental institute and pick 10 most ****** up retarded people than ask them what should we add to the iphone? how about no deleteing to photos?
    and how about stupid sync? so you cannot add your own stuff (drag drop method), or wait lets make predictive text! yes predictive text makes my iphone USELESS! i need 2 minutes to write an sms in my own language! its like hey "X" how "X" are "X" you "X" what a dumb *** idea not to add an option to turn it off!..... than they decide to make the buggy OS for the iphone!

    Personaly i don't know who this people are but im sure their iq is no more than 10! if i knew them id probably beat them up and set their house on fire! (yup im pissed off )

    as far i know people at the apple company are aware that "hackers" made the way trough and are makeing software far more stable than the one on appstore and they made it around securty and all!

    Hello jobs for people who know how to program software?? why not hire the people who hacked the iphone and are doing software for it! obviuosly they are FAR more capable than the apple babbons!

    sorry for the story but i just had to say that


    No Spam - ajl917
    2008-09-22 11:56 PM
  2. screamforme02's Avatar
    im not sure if there is an app to stop auto correct there was on 1stgen 1.1.4 phones, but im not sure if it has made it to 3g yet.. I just got a new 3g the other day had 1st gen since last x-mas i loved it. the 3g is well on its way to being almost as cool as 1stgen. give it some time they havnt been out that long. Its seriously mind blowing wht the devs can do an a year even a few months
    Hey! A Restore Never Hurts It's True!
    2008-09-23 01:11 AM
  3. sale666's Avatar
    true m8 its not out for a long time but the ideas used on the iphone are retarded! Im sure that 90% of iphone 3g users said wtf to all this useless junk with itunes! For me itunes is the worst program ever! Its slow and has this sync that sucks! I hate this "mirroring" why in the gods name would i want to mirror all photos of my pc to my iphone?? Even if i dont want it does it! I select specific folder than icrap makes ipod photo cache folder every where filling my pc with useless folders and it syncs the folder i selected and i have to move some of the photos from lets say summer 2007 folder and some from lets say breakdanceing training 2006 and mix all my pics or create duplicates to sync it to my iphone! What a dumbass idea!
    No Spam - ajl917
    2008-09-23 10:05 AM
  4. jtesnani's Avatar
    i have no idea what you're referring to when it comes to photos. i have no problems with it and itunes certainly is not duplicating my pictures are creating unnecessary folders

    it's too bad that you dont' find the functions of itunes helpful. i don't find all of them helpful but when i need it, they're there. when i don't, it doesn't bug me that they're there. you certainly don't have to turn on the genius function if that's what you're referring to

    if you think this whole thing is just a stupid idea, why don't you return the phone?
    2008-09-23 04:42 PM
  5. sale666's Avatar
    yes i was thinking on returning it! because the os on the phone is like a 10 year old retard programed it! but than i thought hey maybe a bit later in the future ill be able to install another distro of linux or a modded os like on PSP and all will work well!
    if you really find itunes helpfull and nothing is annoying you than you probably are using the iphone for sms and calls like a cell.. me? i want more out of it since i paid for it!
    No Spam - ajl917
    2008-09-23 05:38 PM
  6. jtesnani's Avatar
    no i use it a lot more than just sms and the phone function. in fact, those are the two things i probably use the least on the phone. I just happen to find it to suit my needs well and i like it more than my blackberry
    2008-09-23 06:03 PM