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    So oddly enough tonight i took the subway home as usual, got out and to my surprise....No service.....Been 2 hours now and still no service.

    Phone works perfectly syncs and all the rest is good just damn thing wont make any calls :P

    Any ideas on what it could be?

    Before htis happened (about an hour before) i had hit the home and Power button at the same time (someone had mentionned doing this to me if i ever had minor problems with reception or anything and it would help)

    a little after this problem appeared when i came out of the metro.

    Any leads on what i shoudl research to fix all this?

    restored and setup as new phone
    still i can see my carriers but when i try and click it it says "restricted network"

    Apple - Support - Discussions - Iphone 3G no service ...

    and looks like im not the only one
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    i live in montreal and never had this problem... this has nothing to do with the subway
    2008-09-23 07:36 AM
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    it was a joke :P

    looks like Fido had not switched over my Iphone when the other one went back for repair
    they needed to switch over my Phone ID to this sim card
    all works again!
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