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    hi there,

    i have the following problem and hope, that anybody out there can help me:

    - created a backup under iTunes 7.7.1 with iPhone FW 2.0.2
    - updated iTunes to 8.0
    - updated iPhone to 2.1 FW with complete restore method (cleared everything on it)

    > tried to restore the backup under iTunes 8.0 on my iphone with FW 2.1
    > Error, that the backup from an older version is incompatible

    - deinstalled iTunes 8.0 inclusive all services (MobileSync)
    - reinstalled iTunes 7.7.1
    - downgraded iPhone from FW 2.1 to 2.0.2

    > now, there is also a errormessage

    here is a copy from my AppleMobileBackup.log:

    2008-09-23 00:02:49.383|AppleMobileBackup.exe|4272:24856432|/SourceCache/SyncApplication/SyncApplication-421/Backup/IPodBackupTool.mrocessMessageCallback| ERROR: Device Agent refused to restore: BackupErrorBadManifest

    Is there a possibility to use the original backup-method from apple?
    Or did i have to extract all needed data from the MDBACKUP-Files?

    Can anybody please help me?

    Cause i have the problem, that nothing (contacts, SMS, photos, notes, ...) is stored/synced localy on my computer!

    Thanks a lot!
    2008-09-23 09:17 AM