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    when the price drop happened on the 2g in the uk a few months back, i picked one up for my dad.

    i have always jailbroke/unlocked it for him to use with Orange, not the legitimate iphone carrier in the uk.

    now, in the last 2 weeks, he has moved to an o2 tariff. it's not an iphone PAYG tariff or a contract tariff, just an o2 sim card (simplicity tariff)

    now, where does he stand with regards to warranty? if i restore to stock 2.1 and use the o2 sim card, it will all activate fine etc. so they can't even try to deny him a replacement right?

    i'm just worried in case they can deny it because it is not a legitimate 'iPhone' contract/sim.

    also, secondly, if they do deny him, they have to replace the phone/fix the problem under warranty as it is hardware?
    has anyone got any official supportive links i could take with me in case they kick up a fuss.


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    2008-09-23 06:30 PM
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    If you brought it from 02 a few months back, just tell them you purchased it then because of the price drop as a birthday gift for your dad. You have given it him now and when he put his 02 sim in, he found the speaker was faulty. If they say it is not the official sim etc (as they will) just plead ignorance and say you didn't know he couldn't use his 02 sim and will use that one next time when they have fixed it. Worth a try, and it may help you get round not activating it for so long. Good luck.

    Ps. Go into an 02 shop and dont do it by phone its easier face to face, on the phone it may be more difficult.
    2008-09-23 07:12 PM