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    Long story short my mom messed up my PC while relocating it so now it doesn't get past the Dell logo. The damn thing just shuts off. I had my whole iTunes library was on my PC. I'm pissed because the day before I went to my friends house and he had a couple of movies that I wanted to sync to my iPhone. I sacrificed my whole itunes library to sync his movies thinking I was going to be able to go home and just re-sync. Things never turn out as they are planned and now I sit here looking for answers.

    I'm looking for a FREE! program that lets you take music from your iPhone (album art and all) and xfer it to my iTunes library or a folder on my PC.

    I have a Dell laptop as my secondary and would like to accomplish this. I searched though heaven and earth and only found ones you had to pay for. I found a Winamp solution but the drivers for my software version are not available yet. I tried every phrase on google that I could possibly think of. Most of the program only let you do 5 songs for the trail version and I don't want to pay $30 for a one time thing when I know there has to be a free solution out there. My iPhone is jailbroken

    If it's any consolation Version 2.1 (5F136) It was jailbroken by my friend on his Mac.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks people.

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    Ok guys. I searched and searched and finally ran into somebody who knew my situation.

    This is the program I used: SharePod (freeware)

    Do a google search for it and it's free. Works like a charm even transfer videos you may have.
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    2008-09-26 02:21 AM
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    hey buddy. try i-FunBox | File Manager and Hi-Speed Transfer Tool. Its amazing. You get your ID3 Tags back and album art! It can transfer 5mb/s. it took me 20 minutes to transfer 5gb of music from my iphone. You won't get speeds like that from any other iphone file manager.
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    Thanks bro, a little late because I already did the thing already. Off topic but dude. I didn't re-sync my itunes into my iphone because I found a f***** awesome program. Go to the app store and search for Simplify.

    I stream my whole itunes library to my iPhone (No need to have them on my iPhone as long as my PC at home is always on and connected to the internet) Not a problem for me since my PC is always on.

    After you download app to your iphone go to your computer and download tne program. The cool part is that you can add friends to your buddy list and listen to their Itunes library as long as they have the program setup on their PC. freaking sweet man.
    Android user suffering from iPhone withdraw.
    2008-09-26 05:32 PM