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    I Just copped it!

    Taken from iPhone Safe Mode: Who knew? - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

    iPhone Safe Mode: Who knew?

    Posted Sep 19th 2008 4:00PM by Erica Sadun
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    What happens when you set your jailbroken iPhone to "fast respring" (that is, turn on one of the SpringBoard relaunching options) via BossTool, and SpringBoard crashes? Safe mode, apparently. Who knew that Safe Mode even existed on the iPhone? I certainly didn't until TUAW reader Max S. sent in the pictures below.

    Safe Mode apparently disables certain system extensions. You can get out of safe mode by rebooting. So let's see, a blue screen of doom and safe mode. Hmmm. I thought this phone was manufactured by Apple. Where's Seinfeld?

    Anyway, this isn't the first time the topic of iPhone's Safe Mode has come up. I googled up this Austrian page and a few other hits -- most of which seemed to appear in September of 2008, after the recent firmware upgrade.

    Know anything about Safe Mode and the iPhone? Drop a comment and tell us more.

    Update: Readers do know more! They point out that this is a Winterboard feature and not part of Apple's firmware.
    2008-09-25 02:28 PM
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    This happened to me today. I was freaking out.
    I said SafeMode .........
    2008-09-25 02:36 PM
  3. adamnur's Avatar
    happened to me a few times. It definitely is a winterboard thing, as I later solved the problem by turning off the video wallpaper that was on at the same time as my user wallpaper
    2008-09-25 02:44 PM
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    it happened to me some days ago (2.1)... Winterboard isn't set up on py iphone.
    2008-09-25 03:42 PM
  5. ksiphone's Avatar
    this happened to me while trying to install apps from app store. i thought maybe it was due to 5 icon dock being installed. safe mode definitely didn't like 5 icons down there. it displayed 4 correctly and pushed the fifth almost of the screen completely.

    i tried moving one of the icons off the dock and installed another app, but got the same results.
    2008-09-25 04:06 PM
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    I also had this, and this thing happened every time i have an incoming SMS. THis only happened after installing a trial version of Mcleaner. Resolved after uninstalling Mcleaner, now i am Safe Mode free again.
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    2008-10-01 06:29 PM
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    Happened to me too after installing numbers fix update via installer .
    2008-10-01 07:51 PM
  8. one1's Avatar
    Just happened to me today after doing nothing more than syncing with itunes to throw a few ipa's on.
    2008-10-12 11:18 PM
  9. sziklassy's Avatar
    Just happened to me today after doing nothing more than syncing with itunes to throw a few ipa's on.
    same here
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    2008-10-12 11:41 PM
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    People don't seem to understand that without this, you'd be staring at an SWOD instead of that glorious gray screen and default icons.
    2008-10-13 04:51 AM