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    I have searched for hotmail help and have tried some of the fixes on here but none have work and they were older threads. Does anyone know how to get my hotmail to my 2g iphone without having to go through safari??
    Thanks in advance for any and all help.
    2008-09-27 11:09 PM
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    Here's the guide:


    I searched the web for a good easy & free way to get hotmail on my iPhone... tried IzyMail but in the end that wasnt free either... so this is what I found & its working even with the FREE hotmail account.

    Basically this work around enables you to forward your emails from a non-premium hotmail account to any email address.

    PLEASE NOTE: this trick does involve a minor cost of 20p GBP (depending on your network, i am on T-mobile UK) if the instructions are followed precisely. It does not cost any more than that. I am not responsible for any additional costs that you might incur in the unlikely even that you werent able to follow the steps as illustrated below.

    This is how it works:
    1. Go to your hotmail inbox and click on "Options" and then "More Options"
    2. Click on "Mobile Alerts for new messages".
    3. Click on Sign up for Windows Live Mobile - it's free and easy!
    4. Select your service provider
    5. Enter your mobile number
    6. Finish the rest of the sign-up process. Don't check the boxes for Hotmail alerts and MSN alerts!
    7. In the sign-up settings specify to NOT receive any SMS alerts for Hotmail messages. Leave the other settings to stay as specified in your Hotmail account.
    8. Finish the subscription. You'll now receive an activation SMS with a 4 digit code. Enter this code on the activation page. This is the only sms you'll receive and pay through your mobile carrier.
    9. After the subscription visit your Hotmail account with your web browser. Now go to "options"=>"more options".
    10. In the section "Customize your mail" go to option "mobile alerts for new messages" and make sure the option "None. Never send me mobile alerts" is selected. You will never receive any alert sms by setting this option so you will stay free of charges! Press save.
    11. In the section "Manage your account" visit "Forward mail to another e-mail account".
    12. Fill in any e-mail address you want you Hotmail to be forwarded to, for instance your Gmail account. Press save and confirm the setting by clicking the link in the e-mail that has been sent to your Gmail account. The setting has now been accepted by Hotmail!
    14. Go to Gmail. Click on Settings, go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP
    15. Enable IMAP. Save the changes.
    16. Click Settings and then Accounts, Select "Add another email address". Enter your hotmail address here.
    18. Your hotmail address should now show up just above the line. Select the hotmail address as "Make default".
    19. Make sure in the option "When I receive a message sent to one of my addresses" has "Always reply from my default address (currently [email protected]" is selected.
    20. Now go to Hotmail. In your inbox, there should be a message from Gmail; you need to click on a link in that message.

    Job done !

    All you now go to do is go to your iPhone's default mail handler & setup the google account that you have used in the above process.

    With this solution in place:

    * Email people send to your Hotmail address will be visible on your iPhone in the built-in iPhone Mail software.
    * If you reply to a message on the iPhone or in Gmail, to your recipients it will look like it came from your Hotmail address.
    * You can still check mail using Hotmail on the web if you like.
    * You can also log into Gmail and see your Hotmail messages there.
    * An added bonus is that you will benefit from Gmail's junk mail filter, which is excellent.
    * Since Gmail supports IMAP, the iPhone and the Gmail mailbox is synced nicely as you read, delete and filter messages.
    2008-09-27 11:22 PM
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    Thank you but I tried that one also and when I fill in the gmail account in my hotmail forward cue it states that it has to be hotmail msn type account. Is there a work around for that?? Thanks again
    2008-09-28 12:09 AM
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    install freepops from cydia, then seach this board for the guide easy to follow you will have Hotmail on ur phone in 5 mins.
    2008-09-28 12:29 AM