1. xfsasx's Avatar
    The album artwork is all screwed up on the phone...it displays artwork for a different album but everything in itunes is fine its just the phone is displaying craziness...

    see example:

    i dont think these are the right artwork for Johnny Cash and LLyod Banks

    but in my itunes they are right!
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    2007-09-02 12:14 AM
  2. snoslicer8's Avatar
    I've had this happen on both my iPhone and iPod...it's just a mismatch that happens in the database during a sync. Fix it by un-checking the 'sync music' box in iTunes so it deletes all music, then recheck it to put the music back on. That will obviously force a re-sync of all the music and its associated covers, so it should work. Worked for me a few times.
    2007-09-04 11:10 PM