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    I have a strange problem/problems with my daughters 2G Iphone. It is jailbroken and sim unlocked running 1.1.4 software.

    Firstly, the home button doesn't appear to be working. You can launch applications and do anything within them but when you want to close them you can't. Pushing the home button appears to do nothing. The only way to get out of the app is to turn the phone off.
    This leads to another issue - when you turn the phone off, it immediately restarts itself and comes back on again, it will not stay off!

    The other problem it is having at the moment is charging. It will not work with the normal mains charger (charger is working as it will charge my iphone OK). But it will charge in my daughters docking speakers unit thing(!) which has been known to be temperamental at times itself!

    It also won't connect to the computer (I have tried both our PCs and the same thing happens on both). Nothing happens at all. Although if I plug it into a port next to my USB wireless adapter, it seems to knock this off, ie. you hear the USB disconnect/connect sound in windows and the network adaptor comes up saying disconnected (again, this happens on both PCs). If I plug it in to another USB port then nothing happens, ie phone is not recognised, no windows USB connect sound. If I open itunes there is no phone showing.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? This phone was originally bought from ebay about 8 months ago so I have no Apple support (and I am in the UK - if this makes any difference!).

    I would be grateful for any help.


    2008-09-29 11:27 AM