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  1. avnyc11's Avatar
    i noticed a few days ago that when i went to the app store, and clicked all iphone apps, it only brought up 90 pages of apps when previously there were 190 pages. i had it set to sort by newest release date and it said sept 15 when the date was sept 26. now when i go to the appstore i dont see those 3 categpry options for all iphone apps, all itouch and all free. has anyone else encountered this and does anyone know a solution.
    tia and im using itunes 8 on vista with f/w 2.1 2g
    2008-09-29 07:39 PM
  2. hamfast's Avatar
    I noticed the same thing yesterday for the first time. I miss the "All iPhone Apps" link.
    2008-09-29 10:47 PM