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    Hi all, maybe you can help .... I hope

    When I add a non-US contact ...... (name, street, city, state, zip) ..... then select country ---- the country list is small and limited. I have multiple contacts in countries not listed when adding (or editing) a contact (Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, and many many others). Where are they?

    v1.1.4 also had this issue --- but I was able to edit the ABAddressFormat.plist and add these missing countries, but it does not work with 2.1 Even when I attempt to make even a simple change, not only does the change not work, existing formats are messed up.

    (For example: Default pLists are in binary. Even the non-binary unchanged ABAddressFormat.plist (converted using (Binary — XML .plist converter - iAppCat) or (pledit.exe (XP)) cause even US address to appear incorrect!! This was a simple process with 1.1.4 , but v2.1 is driving me crazy. I've worked on this far too long. Time to ask for help. The 2.1 format appears identical (or almost identical) ..... but something has changed.

    Please help? How do I add missing countries to the address database?

    Update: Went to a friends house and made these plist changes on his Mac. Working 100%!!

    Be careful when editing 'mac-formats' on windows.

    Case closed !! Problem solved.
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