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    hi i try caller id fix 1.1.1 but not worked for Saudi Arabia

    Here are our phone formats:

    I. Mobile Phones:
    With international code: +966-5-XXXXXXXX and ( the sms come in this format no problem is ok i get the right name )
    Without international code: 05-XXXXXXXX
    966 is country code

    II. Land Lines:
    With international code: +966-X-XXXXXXX
    Without international code: 0X-XXXXXXX

    my address book for mobile phone stored in this format +966-5-XXXXXXXX
    my address book for Land Lines: stored in this format +966-X-XXXXXXX

    + sign can be replaced with 00 for international calls.

    I'd appreciate it if anyone can help me resolve the caller ID issue.
    or show me how the to edit the PhoneNumberTemplates.plist file
    and other if required (UIPhoneFormats.plist)
    iphone 3g..
    v2.1 jailbrack
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    2008-10-03 06:50 AM
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    try to update the software to 1.1.4 and use ziphone to unlock and jailbreak it !!
    2008-10-03 02:04 PM