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    Ok I need help with 2 things:

    1- I've been trying to download iPhysics and from what I've seen I need to add some source in installer or cydia.

    The thing is... no matter what source and what program of those i use, it won't let me connect or the source is not found.

    I tried this sources: r4m0n.net/repo and the other one was from crazymaster7. In the one with crazymaster7 I get a list but when I click in the one that says iPhysics it will say some error.

    2- I had a Retro old School Dialer right before I had to do another restore due to some ending crash while installing some sources had no choice but to hard reset and restore. So I had this one:


    I remember downloading it from Cydia, but... it's no longer there! what happened?!

    come on.. anyone?
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    2008-10-06 11:18 PM
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    sounds like you need to add some sources.


    see if that one works..
    "foreign corporations > swedish law"
    2008-10-07 12:15 AM
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    that was the first one I tried... no luck with it
    2008-10-07 06:44 AM
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    Buy it, lol.
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