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    so i noticed iclarrified had a new tutorial to unlock a 1.1.4! i have a 4 g 1.1.3. I updated to a 1.1.4 and couldn't use ziphone. So now i have the new baseband. i couldn't unlock my phone untill i tried something. I used iclarrified unlock 1.1.4 since it senses it the new baseband. That is what i think. I think i heard ziphone can't jailbreak and activate a 4g phone. my bootloader is 3.9. So i don't know what the problem is but its all good cuz my phone is unlocked either way and its running on the newest baseband along with 3.9bl on a 1.1.3...lol
    2008-02-28 01:57 PM
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    To live, you have to lie
    2008-02-28 02:10 PM
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    2008-02-28 05:23 PM
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    The current ZiPhone doesn't fully work with 1.1.4, just like Zibri has stated. And as for hearing it doesn't work on 4GB phones... well seems a case of the blind leading the blinder.
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    2008-02-28 05:26 PM
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    yeah i found that out...so over all i am on the baseband u would have on a 1.1.4 with a 3.9 bl. But since i couldn't jailbreak and activate a 4g iphone! I downgraded to 1.1.3 while still on the 1.1.4 baseband on 3.9bl! So if anyone ever uses a 4g phone accidently like i did and updated to 1.1.4 with a 3.9bl!

    downgrade to 1.1.3 run ziphone 2.4 and click do it all...it will jailbreak and activate but NOT unlock. So go into installer and go to iclarifed source. download the 1.1.4 unlock. it will unlock your phone if u have the newest baseband and on a 3.9bl! I figured that the 1.1.4 unlock just detects ur new baseband and 3.9bl and not the actual 1.1.4 software. It worked...don't ask me how but it did.
    2008-02-28 11:36 PM