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    Well, this is the first time I post anything here. I just want to let people know about my experience with a used Iphone that I bought, hope this info helps anyone that ever encounters this problem with their phone.

    I bought a used iphone about a month ago, unlocked jailbreaked etc...
    Two days later the bottom four icons of the iphone stopped working. I did some research and found out that it was the so called " Iphone Dead Strip". I also found out that apple was being responsible for this defect and that thet ARE replacing your iphone for a new one, even if it's out of warranty.

    Now this is true but only if you are an ATT customer. The first time I went to the appple store. Since I wasn't an ATT customer they told me that what had happened to my iphone was probably caused by some moisture or water damage on the dock connector, and that they could do anything for my phone, now that's bull s... I knew this wasn't the cuase . So I made another appointment to see another "mac genius". This person also asked me if I was an ATT customer and again I said no, but now this girl gave a little more info. Said, that If I activated the iphone the "legal" way (with out unlocking or jailbreaking) they would have it replaced.

    So what I did was, first of all downgrade to 1.1.4, then re-virginized with ziphone 2.5. went to an ATT store, asked for a blanked sim card (which is free) and tried activating the phone through itunes. I went throught the whole normal iphone activation process but since my credit is no good, when I finished the activation process I received an email telling me that the only way I could activate my iphone was by choosing an ATT prepaid gophone plan. So that's what I did, I reconected my iphone to itunes and now I had the option to activate with a prepaid gophone plan. For this you will need a credit, debit or bank account number and $50 dlls. Went through the whole activation process again and finally had a prepaid iphone activated.

    Now, done that, went back to the apple store told them that my iphone had a defective touchscreen. They checked that I was an actual ATT customer and asked me If I had all my iphone info backed up in my computer, I said "yes" and the only thing the mac genius said was, "now that was easy". Took out a new Iphone and replaced it for my old one. That was it, no other questions asked.

    Now I thought this was the best thing to do, beacuse the screen was going to cost me aprox. $120 dlls, I also had to pay or go through the hassle of opening and maybe breaking anything else inside the phone.
    Now I have a brand new, unused, scratch free iphone that had only cost me $50 dlls to have it replaced. Since I had activated the phone a gophone plan I can cancel anytime without paying any cancellation or extra fees.

    Well that's it.. Hope this info helps anyone out there..
    2008-10-10 04:50 AM
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    Good to know.
    2008-10-10 07:15 AM
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    I see what your saying about going online and registering the iphone with a prepaid account, but, don't you have to have the original sim card to do that? Also, I've been told not to upgrade my (used)iPhone through iTunes because it would reset the phone and I'd need to get it unlocked again.
    So. My question is.

    If you do get the phone replacement how do you go about getting it unlocked and jailbroken all over again. Would you have to buy an extra program or pay someone to do it for you or would a different simcard (not att) work automaically.

    I have a dead strip in mine and its driving me crazy!
    2009-01-29 06:01 AM

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