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    Hey everyone!
    First of all I wanna thanks everysingle one of you for having such an awesome website for any person who has just got his iphone and need desperately crack it! you do an excellent work and keep on answering the questions of the ones who know nothing about jailbraking and cracking and all the super stuff you brilliant minds do.

    So, here's my question:

    I just got a brand new iphone and I dont know what's the firmware it has. I did once the #3001*12345*# thing and I just glanced a code like "numbers _3 or 4G.

    am desperate 'cause I don't know which procedure use since I dont know what firmware is it.

    Hope you can answer as soon as possible my dear new friends.

    kind regards


    new info updated:

    Versions: firmware version 04.02.13_G

    LCD panel ID 7451392

    hoping this help to help me with this nightmare.

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    2008-02-28 02:54 PM
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    04.02.13_G is your baseband version. To get your firmware version go to Settings -> General -> About
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    2008-02-28 03:16 PM