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    Hey all,

    Let me first compliment you all on building such a truly useful online database of iPhone information. It has helped me a lot so far, and I don't see any good reason why it won't continue to serve as an invaluable resource.

    Now for the problem:

    My iPhone does not play back sound from its external speakers. With earbuds in, I can hear all, but without them, the phone is completely silent. But before you go ahead and blame the speakers, here's the "very strange" part of the problem that I promised you in this title. Ringtones work. Yep. The external speakers are just fine. Here are my iPhone stats, just in case they may be useful:

    Model: 4GB
    FW Version: 1.0.2
    Apps Installed: Installer, ApolloIM, NES, VNotes, rBST, SummerBoard. All were installed via the Installer, and when the sound crapped out (about 2 nights ago) I had Installer, ApolloIM, NES, and VNotes installed. I think that an NES update screwed it up.

    Now here's another curveball. I've restored the phone. Thrice. Even without any mods at all (IE, factory-fresh settings) the problem will not go away. It's driving me absolutely nuts.



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