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    I unlocked my 2g iPhone on 2.1 using quickpwn. After initially having problems getting my sim to work, i finally got it working. Now the problem is my mail accounts don't recognize my password, I cant call from a contact{I have to dial in the number} and i keep getting md5sum errors in cydia. Anybody got any ideas on what to do?

    ok so i somehow got the mail and contacts thing taken care of{im still not sure how} but the cydia is being a major pain in the ***...everytime i download something i get a md5sum mismatch and its very annoying...i wasnt able to download ssh so i cant even use that.....any help

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    2008-10-16 07:32 PM
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    there is a KeyChains folder that needs to be set permission as a search for KeyChains on should be able to find it. This will take care of the password problem.

    about dialing??? you have Kate installed? if so...take Kate off.

    about cydia.....cydia is a bit buggy now...not because of the phone...perhaps it's the repo's server.

    BEST THING to do would be REPWN...if all fails.
    2008-10-16 07:47 PM
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    ahhh so cydia is a little funky...i just tried apt-get remove cydia then install cydia then update and i got some weird mssgs from that

    thanks but now my weather and stocks wont update
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