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  1. JazJon's Avatar
    Iím helping a friend switch to an iphone. He uses Gmail and google calendar / contacts.

    What is the best way to Sync his Google Calendar to his iPhone?
    (what iphone app is out there?) or is the iphone web page good enough?

    Is standard IMAP the best way to check email or does google or other programs have any gmail ďpushĒ add on app?

    He uses a custom domain name via gmail currently. (free)

    Can you share Calendarís with an assistant ? (like exchange?) He doesnt need to use outlook but would if it makes things easier some how via gmail though.

    Hopefuly Google is good enough or else I might suggest they migrate to a hosted exchange solution like I use. - Pick Up Your Email

    2008-10-17 04:07 AM
  2. Happy Noodle Boy's Avatar
    NuevaSync - Over the Air Synchronization

    Been using them for months now, not one single problem. And it's free too. Couple of things they're working on that could be considered a minus:

    1- The way google handle contacts, nuevasync transfers ALL of them to the phone (including anything you have on the "suggested contacts" list) so unless he keeps his Google Contacts perfectly organized (like I do :P ) then it may initially be a little messy.

    2- It handles multiple calendars just fine, but due to current limitations on their end, you don't get the different colored bubles to distinguish them on the phone. It also doesn't support public (read-only) calendars, since you need access to edit events to use them. Also, because it can't distinguish between calendars, any event you create on the iPhone ends up in your first google calendar.

    That's about it really, it's a great services and I can't complain because its free and they just keep making it better.

    As far as e-mail goes, I just use IMAP, I don't think there's a push solution for google (yet).

    Also, went ahead and moved the thread since this isn't about AppStore apps.
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    I'm a helpful jerk, fear me.
    2008-10-17 05:06 AM
  3. JazJon's Avatar
    I'll have them give it a try thanks. That's cool how you set it up via exchange, much nicer. (no app to install!)
    2008-10-17 08:39 PM
  4. AttackMonkey's Avatar
    I've not used Nueva sync but if it's free and it works it sounds pretty good to me. I use Busy sync and found that to work pretty well. I think it's a free 30day trial then $25 for a license. Well worth it in my opinion... BusySync - Sync iCal and Google Calendar - from BusyMac

    Oh - and I agree, IMAP works fine.
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    2008-10-18 02:35 AM
  5. registered's Avatar
    I have outlook to sync with google(via free google connector) and then sync iPhone with outlook through iTunes.

    hope that helps


    2008-10-18 05:16 AM
  6. sbv1's Avatar
    If you're only interested in syncing contacts wirelessly and you don't want to hand off your Gmail credentials to a third party, try Sync in a Blink (
    2008-10-27 10:45 PM
  7. brett k's Avatar
    OK, let's say I want to get my bosses iphone synched to my google calander, just the calendar, nothing else, and not erase all his contacts (like I did last time )
    Can he just go into exchange setup and put in his gmail account or does he have to dock to itunes and change his sync partner from outlook to google? plus can he sync to my calendar?

    sorry if this is confusing, but I'm confused
    2009-03-01 02:23 AM
  8. AttackMonkey's Avatar
    Just use the built-in google sync- see here:

    Google Mobile - Sync

    If you want to only sync the calendars then click "calendars" to on but NOT contacts. Or you can switch both on and both will sync.

    Note that sync one, the other or both will REPLACE all existing calendars. If he uses google calendars and iphone calendars separately (i.e. they are not synced at present) the iPhone calendar WILL be overwritten when it syncs with google.
    2009-03-01 03:38 AM