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    I was using iPhone PC Suite 1.0.7 for quite a long time and never had problems with it. About a week ago I had to update it to ver. 2.x because of new iTunes. It installed a daemon on the phone.

    Right after that this new behaviour emerged: randomly, without any reason, iPhone would lock up (not freeze but lock itself so I have to slide the unlock slider).

    For example, say I'm typing an SMS. All of a sudden screen turns off while I'm typing. I press Home or Power button. As soon as I do that iPhone make this locking sound, screen still black. When I press Home or Power second time it shows me the Lock screen. Now I can unlock it and go on with SMS or Safari or anything else.

    Really weird.

    I might be wrong but it kinda seems that it would do this more often when I block proximity sensor with my finger. Not always, but I got this impression that it has something to do with this.

    Anyway, what I'm certain about is that it's all caused by iPhone PC Suite 2.x daemon. That's why I'd also like to know how to remove it.

    I still run 1.1.4 firmware. I know, it's old and no one uses it anymore, but I just don't have any time to upgrade. Maybe in 2 months or so.
    2008-10-17 07:20 AM

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