1. bonefish's Avatar
    I used to have it setup just the way i liked it. i originally got the iphone with firmware 1.0.0 and synced my gmail settings from outlook. perfect! how that worked was that the ihpone got all mail, but didnt delete them from the server, i wanted my workstation at home to take care of that. But i wanted to see them "on the road" so that worked fine.

    now i upgraded to firmware 1.1.3, and i lost my sync and everything, dont know why, thank god i manually backup contacts.

    anyways, i trired the new IMAP support on the ihpone, but now the iphone takes complete control of the gmail account, and nothing gets left to download wehn i come home and want the mails on the workstatation. i have also tried to set up POP under others, and it works, but for some mail the ihpone is still deleting them from the server, its like random.

    now, how do i go back to what i originally had? i want the iphone to download emails, but DONT delete them from the server. just download and read them.....

    anyone with the same problem/solution?
    2008-02-29 01:42 AM
  2. yNeville's Avatar
    Bizarre. Check your Gmail Account settings. Make sure IMAP is on and it's all good.

    Maybe also read:
    and http://mail.google.com/support/bin/a...browsercheck=1
    2008-02-29 04:50 AM