1. immi_112's Avatar
    hi there

    Having some trouble with the Iphone, basically ive bought it off a mate who unlocked the Iphone to version 1.1.4, now i have put my O2 genie sim card in now am not able to go onto the internet as it says Edge could not be activated or such.

    Also i dont have Apps, i have installer, am i able to upgrade without blocking? Get onto the internet with my Pay and Go sim?

    Many thanks.
    2008-10-29 04:00 AM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    To get data working....first, you will need a "data service" on your plan...whether its pay/go or whatever. Some pay/go services dont have the ability to add data...so you will have to check with your carrier.

    Once you know you have a data subscription...then you will need to input the correct data settings into the phone for that carrier- Under settings, which would include APN settings, etc.

    And yeah, it will show the icon...doesnt mean you "have" a data connection, just that it will pick it up...basically.
    2008-10-29 04:13 AM