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    Ive made a few posts but they keep changing everyday because i learn something new that needs to be changed... so here it goes ill try and make this as clear as possible.

    here are my settings (all DHCP):

    Tethered Iphone
    Iphones IP - 169.254.xxx.188
    subnet mask
    DNS - is blank

    Airport TCIP settings (ad-hoc network that i created im assuming)
    IP: 169.254.xxx.189
    router: 169.254.xxx.188 (same as iphone so i can see its working as a router)
    DNS - is empty

    I then shared internet connection between the airport ad-hoc connection and build-in-ethernet. firewall is off, windows websharing is on.

    A d-link router is hooked up from my laptop. Theoretically if my internet sharing is configured correctly I should be taking the internet im getting on my computer-to-computer ad-hoc network and sharing it over the router wirelessly.

    Built-in-Ethernet TCIP settings
    IP: (assume its automatically assigned by router?)
    router: (routers IP i use to get to router settings)
    DNS: is empty

    I want to know two things...

    1.what is my DNS? should it be blank? is it automatic? i dont know what its for.
    2. and how do i correctly share internet over this wifi router? because both my xbox live (microsoft) and other lap top (windows) are giving me DNS issues.

    i wanna rip my hair out.
    2008-10-31 09:09 AM
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    2008-11-05 04:47 PM